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July 12: Montreal to Berthierville (~100km)

Bikely map Having had a late night coming into Montreal, there was something of a late morning, and by the time I had eaten some breakfast and picked up the new rim for the rear wheel, it was already pretty much afternoon. Still having to rebuild the wheel with the new rim (a process which […]

July 11: Green Valley to Montreal (~128km)

Bikely map Having stayed up kinda late the night before, we rose a little late. our host then made us a nice big breakfast including sausages cooked in beer, and eggs with fresh spinach from his garden. Follow that up with more pleasant chatter and, needless to say, we more than a little late getting […]

July 10: Ottawa to Green Valley (~131km)

Bikely map The hot humid weather having broken while I was in Ottawa, I was blessed with moderate weather and a good brisk tailwind. Consequently, I was in no hurry to leave the good company of my family, and didn’t hit the road until around noon.

July 8: Arnprior to Ottawa (~72km)

Bikely map I woke up to a hot, humid morning which held the promise of an even hotter, more uncomfortable day. When breaking camp I folded my fly in a place that caught the eye of a few rec centre staff who were out on their coffee break. One of the asked what I was […]

July 7: Deep River to Arnprior (~136km)

Bikely map The email from my thesis advisor on things to see/do in Deep River having included a visit to his mother at his childhood home, I stopped by after being treated to breakfast by one of my friends I’d been visiting (the other having had to go to work in the morning). It was […]

July 6: Gibson Lake Rest Area to Deep River (~62km)

Bikely map It being a short ride, and there being bugs to deal with in the morning, I got going at around 10:30 in the morning. The ride was largely uneventful, and continued with similar terrain and weather to the day before.

July 5: North Bay to Gibson Lake rest area (~120km)

Bikely map After rising at around 9am, being fed a good breakfast, checking the outdoors store downstairs for propane (and getting referred to Wal-Mart), and then stopping by the public library to hop on the internet for about an hour and check my email, I was finally properly on the road at around noon.

July 4: between Stinson and Callum to North Bay (~100km)

Bikely map I got up at around 9am, and the woman living across the street (not the highway; the restaurant was on a corner) from the restaurant behind which I had camped saw me when I was breaking camp. She came over and invited me to have some breakfast at her house when I was […]

July 3: Webbwood to between Stinson and Callum (~112km)

Bikely map My host in Webbwood fed me a good breakfast, gave me some good tips on alternate routes to the Trans-Canada for pretty much the entire run to Sudbury (and even a little past it) and I was able to get on my way by about 9am. My goal for the next little chunk […]

July 2: Algoma Mills to Webbwood (~81km)

Bikely map Having been told yesterday that my host in Webbwood would be heading into town around lunch (but home otherwise), I took my time getting going so that I could be quite confident that he’d be home by the time I arrived. Consequently, I didn’t hit the road until around 11:15am.

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