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May 18: Fernie to Blairmore (~80km)

Bikely map Figuring that I wanted to catch another shower (the daytimes were starting to get pretty warm and, still having bits of mountain to climb, sweaty) before leaving Fernie, I again took my merry time waking up and breaking camp, and got myself to the public pool at around 11:00am. It was due to […]

May 17: Cranbrook to Fernie (~97km)

Bikely map Not yet having seen that the Cranbrook Library was closed for the entire weekend, I figured on getting a slightly later start to the day, in order to cut back on the need to otherwise amuse myself in town. Consequently, by the time I’d fed myself breakfast, broken camp, and checked out of […]

May 16: Kitchener to Cranbrook (~91km)

Bikely map I woke up at around 4:30am, figuring that I mist be in Mountain time already, and it must therefore be 5:30am already. It was cold enough, and I was trying to reach Lethbridge late enough on Monday (or any time on Tuesday) that I decided to catch a little extra sleep (my paper […]

May 15: Crawford Bay to Kitchener (~96km)

Bikely map When I was waking up and going through the motions of breaking camp (most of which, like repacking the sleeping bag, rolling the thermarest back up, etc. are done without cracking open the tent fly) a family defied my expectations and came to the playground with their children at around 7am. I could […]

May 14: Nelson to Crawford Bay via Ainsworth (~72km; ~29 unladen)

Bikely map Woke up and headed out to reprovision at the Kootenay Co-op at around 8am. Grabbed a raspberry croissant for breakfast at a nearby cafe, and hit the road by 9am. I had some slight mechanical problems with my rear rack again (having raised it a little, it was now high enough to really […]

May 12: Paulson to Nelson (~92km)

Bikely map I woke up at around 5am, and decided that since I was going to be a chilly up near this summit, regardless of whether or not I was sleeping, and that since I had over 90km to ride to Nelson, I should just make an early start. I was a little sluggish, but […]

May 11: Grand Forks to Paulson (~56km)

Bikely map Having gotten in late (though without the need to make myself dinner) the night before, and because it was raining hard for much of the morning, I slept in until around 9am, and was slow enough getting going that I didn’t reach the grocery store in Grand Forks to top up a few […]

May 10: Anarchist Mountain to Grand Forks (~107km)

Bikely map It was a rainy morning, so I slept in until 8am, and was subsequently able to get up and dressed, break camp and have breakfast quickly enough to be back on the road by 9:40. After a very short bit of descent, the climb continued, and I got another nice picture of the […]

May 9: Twin Lakes to Anarchist Mountain (~76km)

Bikely map I woke up and it was cold enough (and the tent was damp enough both from the cold and from having been pitched in the rain the night before) that I was quite slow getting myself out of my sleeping bag to actually begin the day. This lag pushed my start time back […]

May 8: Coalmont to Hwy 3A (near Twin Lakes) (~103km)

Bikely map My hosts in Princeton/Coalmont had their truck break down, so they couldn’t give me a lift back to the point in Princeton where they’d picked me up, and I rode there from Coalmont instead. One of the residents kindly provided some otherwise absent signage to tell you what town you’re entering:

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