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July 23: Truro to Halifax (~115km)

Bikely map With no climatic horrors, and with my host needing to head to work in the morning, I got on the road at around 9am. I stopped at a local community centre to recheck my route to Point Pleasant Park (for once I reached Halifax), and see the weather forecast for the day. I […]

July 22: Amherst to Truro (~125km)

Bikely map Once again, rain furnished me with an excuse for a late start so by the time I’d shown my remaining route to the Atlantic Canada Cycling folks (who didn’t really have any suggested improvements to make — something I’d blame partly on consulting their website when planning the route back in Edmundston), breakfasted […]

July 21: New Canaan to Amherst (~124km)

Bikely map Between the late night the night before, attempting to avoid getting rained on too much by sleeping in a little extra, and trying not to have to deal with too many bugs, I wasn’t really up until around 10am, and on the road until 12:30.

July 20: Fredericton to New Canaan (~143km)

Bikely map After a good night’s sleep and a generous breakfast, I found myself heading out at around 11:30am. Upon reaching Gagetown, I found that my friend had already headed into town for church, and was going to be there for the rest of the day.

July 19: Peel to Fredericton (~149km)

Bikely map When I woke up in the morning, it was raining. On top of that, the dinner I’d had the previous night consisted of food that had been sitting (unrefrigerated) in my pannier since the 14th (and included cheese curds). So between waiting out the morning rain, and working through my minor digestive distress, […]

July 18: Edmundston to Peel (~161km)

Bikely map Edmundston being a paper milling town, and having spent a rest day in it, I woke up in the morning and noticed that I had a body odour that smelled of paper mill. I decided to shave and shower to wash off the smell, and be able to set out clean-shaven, though this […]

July 16: Cafe au Station to Edmundston (~123km)

Bikely map Waking up at around 8am, I ate some granola bars, broke camp, and dropped into the cafe for a muffin and some tea. The pump for the watering station didn’t seem to be working (it wouldn’t prime, even though there certainly didn’t seem to be any shortage of groundwater), but I didn’t think […]

July 15: Cap-Saint-Ignace to Cafe au Station (~137km)

Bikely map After a pretty good night’s rest I got up, had my breakfast, and chatted with another cycle tourist who was stopping in the park for a snack. Having managed to carry on the conversation entirely in French, I felt that my shyness about my relative (in)ability to speak French was really slipping away, […]

July 14: Neuville to Cap-Saint-Ignace (~110km)

Bikely map As Gavin had to leave early, and there was a gate that was kept closed between the hours of 11pm and 7am, he parked his car just ouside the gate. There not really being any parking spots outside, he parked on the grass. So at I-really-wanted-to-keep-sleeping a.m., I was called from my sleep […]

July 13: Berthierville to Neuville (~166km)

Bikely map After another late night came another late morning, but with no wheelbuilding to delay things, we were able to get going at around 11am. With Gavin’s car providing the opportunity not to have to carry my gear, it also provided the opportunity to make a substantial error in judgement. I tossed my raingear […]

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