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June 29: just past Montreal River to Sault Ste. Marie (~112km)

Bikely map In spite of a forecast with probable showers developing late in the morning or early in the afternoon, I lucked out and managed to get dry weather pretty much all day. I started at around 8:15am, and made a stop after about 40km to top up my water, check some newer forecasts, and […]

June 28: Rabbit Blanket Lake to just past Montreal River (~84km)

Bikely map I woke up at 8:30am to heavy rain (again), and decided once again to be restful and slow getting going in the hopes of the weather lightening up as I dragged my ass. This included taking my breakfast in the ranger station, while checking various weather forecasts to help make a better decision […]

June 27: White River to Rabbit Blanket Lake (~129km)

Bikely map After a reasonably comfortable night in the park in White River, and a fairly sane and straightforward time breaking camp without really having to work around rain or bugs, I was able to hit the road by 10:15am in fairly nice weather. And then about 5km into the ride, going over a stone, […]

June 26: Neys to White River (~131km)

Bikely map As soon as I got back out to the highway from the access road down to the campground, and turned in my direction of travel, I encountered a novel sight (and one that I wasn’t expecting for at least another 100km):

June 25: Rossport to Neys (~94km)

Bikely map I managed to make it out on to the road by about 10:30am, and it wasn’t raining, but there were still some significant hills to deal with before getting Schreiber (where I’d hoped to stop the night before, before I got cold and wet and cranky).

June 24: between Lake Helen and Gravel Creek to Rossport (~54km)

Bikely map When I woke up it was raining hard, so I went back to sleep, hoping that the rain was brief, and would taper off before I woke up again. Repeat that a few times, spanning about 2h. Note that I was close enough to the road (though certainly not the closest I’d camped), […]

June 23: Thunder Bay to between Lake Helen and Gravel Creek (~129km)

Bikely map Having neglected to put on my replacement rear tire (but at least having purchased it) during my rest day, I quickly tossed it on before getting a lift back to the grocery store parking lot right near where I called from when I first reached Thunder Bay.

June 21: Savanne River to Thunder Bay (~119km)

Bikely map The extra mess of duct tape applied to the rear tire almost certainly made for a smoother and more reliable ride, but it was still a little bumpy as it didn’t take long for the tape’s adhesive to slip enough to get some of the bulge back in the tire).

June 20: Ignace to Savanne River (~128km)

Bikely map I got going at around 10:15am, and had some good riding conditions, so I was able to make about 20km/h (including the non-riding time when I stopped to eat, drink, etc.) for the first 3 hours or so. At some point in this window, I took this picture

June 19: Minnitaki to Ignace (~134km)

Bikely map After waking up at about 8am, the extra time spent dealing with insects and wandering over to fetch food had me leaving closer to 10:30 than the 10am departure time I would have expected from my waking time while camping. Not having picked up breakfast foods on my way out of Kenora, I […]

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