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May 22: Medicine Hat to Maple Creek (~106km)

Bikely map Dreading the forecast weather, and having put away a reasonably long day the day before, I slept in a little, ate a hefty breakfast, procrastinated with weather reports, and got a late start.

May 21: Lethbridge to Medicine Hat (~179km)

Bikely map I got a good timely start (around 8am) in substantial rain, but had strong northwesterly winds which pushed me along quickly enough that I really didn’t care if I was getting rained on. The rain lightened up, and it then rained on and off pretty much all day, getting heavy again once I […]

May 19: Blairmore to Lethbridge (~141km)

Bikely map It was raining when I woke up, so I took my time packing up to allow the rain a chance to lighten before getting ony my way (which I eventually did at around 10:20). Through the foothills, I seemed to taking about 3/4 of the time to cover a given distance as I’d […]

May 18: Fernie to Blairmore (~80km)

Bikely map Figuring that I wanted to catch another shower (the daytimes were starting to get pretty warm and, still having bits of mountain to climb, sweaty) before leaving Fernie, I again took my merry time waking up and breaking camp, and got myself to the public pool at around 11:00am. It was due to […]

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