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May 31: Kipling to Brandon (~220km)

Bikely map I got up, and was able to start on my way at around 9:30am. Much to my delight, the highway disrepair running from Peebles to Kipling appeared to end at Kipling, and I was able to enjoy some more nice roads.. at least most of the time.

May 30: Regina to Kipling (~165km)

Bikely map Finally! Glorious, glorious tailwinds. I got a late start, having overslept, eaten a substantial breakfast, before dealing with problems with my bank card (it turns out that the post-dated paycheque that was deposited effective the 22nd had a 10 day hold on it. I had expected that with a post-dated item, they’d start […]

May 29: Moose Jaw to Regina (~88km)

Bikely map There was another early start today, since the Moose Jaw host is the single father of a son who’s old enough to take care of himself (and get himself to school, etc.) if left home alone, but young enough for it to seem prudent not to leave him alone with near-strangers in the […]

May 28: Parkbeg to Moose Jaw (~68km)

Bikely map I got an early start in, and rode on for about 20km before deciding that, while I wasn’t going to be able to make Regina, I’d still make Moose Jaw with ample spare time, so when I came to Mortlach and saw it to be a well-serviced town, I decided to take a […]

May 27: Swift Current to Parkbeg (~115km)

Bikely map Chris put in an early start to the day while I was busy noticing that, in spite of the broken spokes not being drive-side, they were still more difficult to lace in than I cared to deal with, without removing the freewheel, so I went back to Big Sky to hire Dan to […]

May 26: Tompkins to Swift Current (~86km)

Bikely map While I was waiting out the bad weather in Tompkins, Chris (another cross-country cyclist with friends who’d been at a party back in Vancouver with Graydon and Frances, and who had subsequently been put in email contact with me) arrived in town and was also put up for the night at the Buffalo […]

May 24: Piapot to Tompkins (~30km)

Bikely map The winds continued to be strong headwinds, and I slogged out (mostly riding) the first 15-20km or so on gravel, but did get a neat picture of some alkali beds where some ponds have fairly recently dried up

May 23: Maple Creek to Piapot (~40km)

Bikely map I got up, and had an interesting interaction with someone who had become concerned that those food-containing panniers not brought into my tent had been abandoned and, either completely failing to notice my tent, or completely failing to figure that it might in some way be related to the panniers, had loaded them […]

May 22: Medicine Hat to Maple Creek (~106km)

Bikely map Dreading the forecast weather, and having put away a reasonably long day the day before, I slept in a little, ate a hefty breakfast, procrastinated with weather reports, and got a late start.

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