June 27: White River to Rabbit Blanket Lake (~129km)

Bikely map

After a reasonably comfortable night in the park in White River, and a fairly sane and straightforward time breaking camp without really having to work around rain or bugs, I was able to hit the road by 10:15am in fairly nice weather. And then about 5km into the ride, going over a stone, I broke a spoke on the rear wheel.

Fortunately, it was non-drive-side, and I still had some spares from back in Swift Current, so I went and replaced it without even pulling the wheel from the frame. Got everything reasonably true, and was back rolling again in about half an hour.

It was hot and humid, and the winds were generally from the southwest, so having actually turned to be heading South instead of East (this change happened a little past White river, as opposed to the change in signage, which happened well before), I now had headwinds instead of tailwinds again.

The scenery was, for the most part, quite similar to previous scenery (and to some of the less impressive parts of it at that) that after a few hours, I decided to photograph some flowers in the ditch just to have a picture for the day, and a bit of what I was seeing but hadn’t yet taken a picture of:

I made it down to Wawa, and decided that I hadn’t had any greens in a while, and should have myself a late lunch in town to get some greens into me. In a particular stroke of luck, the first restaurant I came to and thought of as a suitable stop was just setting out an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet. Naturally, I pulled in, loaded up on all sorts of food (including greens), and got some information from the staff on where I’d likely be able to find camping if I kept going.

Coming into Lake Superior Provincial Park, one of the moose warning signs struck me as having a rather large scope, so I also took a picture of it:

I also decided to record a sign that had me thinking “back in BC, they wouldn’t even have wasted their time with this”:

and I also got some more nice scenery:

Being in a provincial park, I felt that I might encounter a little more trouble ditch camping that I would elsewhere, so I slogged on to (and coughed up for) a campsite at Rabbit Blanket Lake (which also scored me a chance to shower after a long hot day, so…)

I also noted that I was less than 200km from Sault Ste. Marie, so I could theoretically get the rest of the way there with a pair of <100km rides (though the chances of finding a decent place to stop somewhere before riding 100km, but after passing 100km to the Soo seemed pretty slim). Still, it was a nice thought.

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