June 25: Rossport to Neys (~94km)

Bikely map

I managed to make it out on to the road by about 10:30am, and it wasn’t raining, but there were still some significant hills to deal with before getting Schreiber (where I’d hoped to stop the night before, before I got cold and wet and cranky).

Upon the first little bit of climb, I stopped to take these pictures:

And a few more on the flatter, and descending portions

I ended up reaching Schreiber at around noon, just as it was starting to rain hard, so I pulled into a service station to top up my water, wait out the worst of the rain, and suit up for the rest. There was still plenty of rain when I got back going again, and consequently I was wet when I reached Terrace Bay.

There being a community centre right along the highway in Terrace Bay, I decided to pull in and see what I could manage by way of drying off a little before continuing. While there weren’t laundry facilities for my clothes, there was a locker room with a sauna, so I spready my wet clothes out in the sauna so that the heat could work to dry them, and spent about an hour and a half going back and forth between sitting in the sauna with the clothes, and taking short showers to cool off a bit. After this, I decided that the clothes were dry enough, and put them back on to head out.

The rain had largely stopped at this point, so I ate a bit, and got back on the road. There still being a fair bit of humidity rising off the freshly fallen rain, the scenery really took on a good bit of the character of some sort of rainforest (though the camera’s colour correction seems to have erased a good deal of that):

By around 7pm, I was pulling up to Neys, and figured that I could use another shower and to do some laundry (it being quite warm and humid, and having spent a good chunk of the day with my jacket on), so I checked into the campground there for the night.

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