June 21: Savanne River to Thunder Bay (~119km)

Bikely map

The extra mess of duct tape applied to the rear tire almost certainly made for a smoother and more reliable ride, but it was still a little bumpy as it didn’t take long for the tape’s adhesive to slip enough to get some of the bulge back in the tire).

On top of the ongoing transitions between weather too wet not to wear raingear and too hot and humid (and not raining) to keep wearing it (I probably spent a significant fraction of my riding time changing into and out of raingear), there were some other notable transitions to the day.

The first of these was the transition to the Eastern Time Zone (duly marked with a monstrous sign that indicates Ontario’s pride at also being the province in which the concept of standard time was invented).

and hey, since there’s already a roadside pavillion, why not provide a little more historical information:

Another notable transition a short while later is what I’ll call the other continental divide (pictures taken on both sides):

Since I’d picked up a piece of gravel from the side of the road back at the Pacific-Arctic watershed boundary (i.e. the well-known Continental Divide), I felt it only appropriate to grab another piece of gravel (this one being red granite, so it’d be easier to tell the two apart, even in a coloured glass bottle full of water), and add it to the bottle half-full of Pacific water, and holding the other piece of gravel (though now I regret that I didn’t take some sort of massive detour north to grab some Arctic Ocean water for the bottle).

Finally, There was the transition to the Great Lakes area, as I approached Thunder Bay (on the shore of Lake Superior). I got one last shot of the pre-Great-Lakes scenery

Before continuing on and getting a first peek at the Sleeping Giant (out in the lake, just off Thunder Bay) over a hill

and another clearer shot of it, but with Thunder Bay traffic and signals and the like mucking up the foreground

I then called up the colleague whose hospitality I enjoyed for 2 nights and the rest day between, and he offered to pick me up at the marina further down the road, rather than trouble me with directions.

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