July 23: Truro to Halifax (~115km)

Bikely map

With no climatic horrors, and with my host needing to head to work in the morning, I got on the road at around 9am. I stopped at a local community centre to recheck my route to Point Pleasant Park (for once I reached Halifax), and see the weather forecast for the day. I picked out the roads down, and saw that I finally had some light tailwinds again.

With a favourable forecast, and a relatively short ride ahead of me, I dawdled on the internet a little, and was really going by about 10am.

The weather was relatively pleasant, there wasn’t much to stop for, and I was sufficiently obsessed with finishing that I didn’t really take many pictures. In fact, I only photographed the first sign welcoming me to a town in Halifax Regional Municipality:

I reached the City of Halifax by around 4pm, and continued down to the park. No sooner did I enter the park than the thought that I was really almost done started sending tears of joy stream down my face and giddy little laughing noises out of my mouth. Owing to the reduction in vision from said tears of joy, I missed the path that turned off to the first beach, and wound up riding past an outdoor theatre to a somewhat less prominent beach. After leaning my bike against a picnic table near the beach, I ran out into the water (I was going to do the foot-dipping, but the waves just washed over my feet, which I guess was a dip and then some), went back to the bike to grab my ocean-water-bottle, and take a picture of the ocean:

the spot where I filled the bottle the rest of the way up:

and the little bottle, half filled with Pacific water, half with Atlantic water, and with pebbles from each of the ocean watershed crossings between:

I went back into town, to the bike shop where I’d arranged to have my bike boxed up for the flight home, and was done.

Naturally, the little blue bottle got broken by baggage handling on the flight home, and I was only able to salvage a few drops of the water in a vial far too small to hold the pebbles. Most of the water soaked into my journal (which I thankfully kept in pencil) making it the major souvenir item from my trip. Every now and then, I still resent the restrictions on bringing liquids in carry-on luggage.

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