July 19: Peel to Fredericton (~149km)

Bikely map

When I woke up in the morning, it was raining. On top of that, the dinner I’d had the previous night consisted of food that had been sitting (unrefrigerated) in my pannier since the 14th (and included cheese curds). So between waiting out the morning rain, and working through my minor digestive distress, I got a pretty late start on (I failed to record the start time, but I think that it was close to noon). Moreover, with the long day ahead, it looked like I’d still be riding clear through the evening, and a little into the night.

Now not long after I started out, I passed a covered bridge that bills itself as the world’s longest. Its road surface was being maintained, so it was down to a single lane of traffic, and probably stank of asphalt inside. I took a pass on riding across it and back:

The weather quickly cleared and became quite hot. Atlantic Canada Cycling’s route database indicated that the road I was on was not quite as hilly than the one just across the river, and had heavier traffic. I routinely wondered if I’d gotten the two confused, as this side was plenty hilly, and there were hardly any cars to be found (though I’ve since checked, and I hadn’t gotten the two confused). There was quite a lot of motorcycle traffic, but that seems to have explained itself when I passed by a campground hosting a “toy show” all full of hot-rods, motorcycles, and vintage cars. I passed through Nackawic, stopping for lunch and tooping up my supply of snacks again (and first happening upon the maritime practice of offering donair as a pizza topping) where I saw the worlds largest axe:

I rode on and eventually took some pictures of the river that seemed somewhat typical of the view for much of its length (except now with a bit of a weather bonus):

Eventually I got into Fredericton after dark, found the hosts with whome I’d be spending the night just outside of town, and settled in a little too late to head out and visit my friend downtown for a pint. I called, and we made tentative plans to meet up in his barracks the next day.

At some point in the day, my odometer rolled over 6000km.

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