July 6: Gibson Lake Rest Area to Deep River (~62km)

Bikely map

It being a short ride, and there being bugs to deal with in the morning, I got going at around 10:30 in the morning. The ride was largely uneventful, and continued with similar terrain and weather to the day before.

As I approached Deep River, I began to encounter signs that I was coming into Canada’s nuclear science country:

though I couldn’t really see the reactor site

For those who don’t know, Deep River is the bedroom community for Chalk River, home of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (which actually started off as the British Empire’s contribution to the Manhattan Project). A couple of friends of mine had moved there recently so that the male half of this couple could take a job as counsel for AECL. His brother already worked for AECL, and they were staying in his brother’s house until the purchase of their own house (coincidentally the house next door) closed. My thesis advisor also grew up in Deep River, and I had sent him an email a little while back asking after things that I should do while in town.

When I arrived, I borrowed a truing stand and added tension to my rear wheel. (I had rushed the build back in Sudbury and in rushing it, had neglected to put enough tension in the wheel. I could hear the spokes almost sliding in the hub as I rode, and feel a little extra rolling resistance from it too). After that I helped build a structure that was slated to become a children’s playhouse/gardening shed (a combination that I find evokes the image of 11-year-olds having a “sword fight” with gas-powered hedge trimmers).

After a bit of that, there was also some bathing, eating, diddling around on the computer (uploading pictures taken since Thunder Bay, writing blog entries and the like), and general catching up and chatting before calling it a night.

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