July 4: between Stinson and Callum to North Bay (~100km)

Bikely map

I got up at around 9am, and the woman living across the street (not the highway; the restaurant was on a corner) from the restaurant behind which I had camped saw me when I was breaking camp. She came over and invited me to have some breakfast at her house when I was done breaking camp. Consequently, I got to start riding, with a good breakfast in me, at around 11:30am.

I had a nice tailwind, and the terrain was really quite flat, so I was able to make some pretty good time. It was also a good day for attractive scenery (possibly contributed to by my good mood at the riding conditions):

I was able to make it to Sturgeon Falls by around 2pm, and dropped into the local tourist information centre to use the internet to make an attempt at fixing up my mailserver (which I had discovered was having problems delivering my mail while back in Webbwood). It took me a couple of hours to sort this out, but there were other terminals, and no one else around trying to use any of them, so I wasn’t terribly concerned.

After getting back on the road, I went a bit further, and then had some lunch at a picnic area overlooking Lake Nippising

Continuing on, I made it to my host’s home in North Bay at around 6:45pm, in time for dinner.

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