July 2: Algoma Mills to Webbwood (~81km)

Bikely map

Having been told yesterday that my host in Webbwood would be heading into town around lunch (but home otherwise), I took my time getting going so that I could be quite confident that he’d be home by the time I arrived. Consequently, I didn’t hit the road until around 11:15am.

Not having bought any groceries on the holiday, I set out figuring that I’d either buy some groceries, or buy myself a breakfast at the first opportunity that presented itself. Said opportunity was a restaurant about 40km into the day, and it cost me an extra 75 cents to order a breakfast in the (very early) afternoon.

The ride was pretty short and uneventful, and I didn’t take any pictures (it was also kinda gloomy with a forecast of rain).

Once in Webbwood, I stopped at the general store in order to get some cash, a replacement razor (whose disappearance I noticed while cleaning up in the Soo), and enough food items to feel a little less guilty about the relative sizes of my purchase, and my requested cash back amount. The directions to my host’s house also sounding more confusing than they were, I asked the cashier for directions and got pretty much the same confusing-sounding directions.

While doing this, the forecast rain came down heavily and then tapered off somewhat, so I put on my raingear for the last little bit of ride, only to have the rain pretty much stop within a minute or two of getting back on the bike. Since it wasn’t terribly far to ride, I left the raingear on the rest of the way.

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