I wanted to make a Bikely route for the whole ride, but it ended up being too large for bikely to handle. So I made a Google Earth file of it instead. I also made files for each of the provinces:

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia

Producing these files also enabled me to produce an elevation profile for the entire ride. The colours on the bottom indicate provinces, red lines above indicate where I rested for the night, pale green regions above indicate where I rode unladen, and the pale orange region above indicates the section covered by thumbing a ride to the hospital rather than riding. (Also, having been given a lift from Princeton up to Coalmont, I omitted the ride from Coalmont back down to Princeton, in the interest of continuity).

Times and distances

Ride began: May 3, 2008
Ride ended: July 23, 2008

Total distance: 6636km

Total days: 82

Riding days: 61
Rest/injury days in Winnipeg: 12
Other rest days: 9

Average daily distance:

Riding days only: 109km
Uninjured days only: 95km
All days: 81km
Numbers of riding days between rest days: 4, 5, 6, 4, 6, 2; 6, 7, 8, 7, 6

Longest riding days:

May 31 (220km)
May 21 (179km)
July 13 (166km)
May 30 (165km)
July 18 (161km)

Shortest riding days:

May 24 (30km)
May 6 (35km)
May 23 (40km)
June 24 (54km)
May 11 (56km)

Political divisions

Days (started) in each province (riding/rest)

British Columbia: 14/2
Alberta: 3/1
Saskatchewan: 8/1
Manitoba: 4/13*
Ontario: 21/3
Quebec: 5/0
New Brunswick: 4/1
Nova Scotia: 2/0

Provincial boundaries crossed on: May 18 (BC-AB), May 22 (AB-SK), May 31 (SK-MB), June 17 (MB-ON), July 11 (ON-PQ), July 16 (PQ-NB), July 21 (NB-NS).

Chronographic divisions

Days (started) in each timezone (riding/rest):

Pacific: 12/2
Mountain/Saskatchewan: 13/2
Central: 8/13*
Eastern: 22/3
Atlantic: 6/1

Timezone boundaries crossed on: May 16 (PDT-MDT/SST), May 31 (MDT/SST-CDT), June 21 (CDT-EDT), July 16 (EDT-ADT).

Hydrographic divisions

Days (started) in each ocean watershed (riding/rest):

Pacific: 14/2
Arctic: 19/15
Atlantic: 28/4

Watershed boundaried crossed on: May 18 (Pacific-Arctic), June 21 (Arctic-Atlantic).

Mechanical failures

– Front rack mounting (first failure May 3, attended to May 3 and early June)
– Rear fender stays (first noticed May 3, fender removed May 3)
– Rear rack mounting (first failure May 3, attended to May 3, May 6, May 12, May 14)
– Left shoe/pedal cleat (first failure May 10, attended to May 12)
– Two broken rear spokes (failure May 26, replaced May 27)
– Flat rear tire (failure June 20, also blew a tube during repair, repaired immediately)
– Bead seperation on rear tire (failure June 20, patched with duct tape immediately, evening of June 20, and tire replaced June 22)
– One broken rear spoke (failure June 27, repaired immediately)
– Seperation of bead seating on rear rim (failure July 3, temporary rim installed immediately, retensioned July 6, final rim replacement July 11)
– Flat rear tire (failure July 16, also blew a patch/tube during repair, repaired immediately)

Biological failures

– Tendonitis in left Achilles’ tendon (first observed June 3, rested until June 16 to recover).

Notes on measurement

The distance reported by the map and by the odometer on my bike differ in quite a few places, much of which I chalk up to my inability to plot exactly where I rode on the map. Also, there were a couple of days that I noticed that the odometer wasn’t back in its bracket on the bike until I first looked to check it some distance into the ride (and another day where, having laid the bike on its side for a repair, I noticed that the front wheel was spinning freely, and adding distance to the odometer). Also, the horizontal scale on the elevation profile is based on horizontal distance covered, (rather than the distance travelled up and down the inclines).

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